Facebook account is all about getting to know what is happening around as well as the latest trend and news. You can also share your life updates as well as your personal pictures or videos with your friends with the help of your Facebook account. The problem arises when there is someone who tries to illegally access your Facebook account or if the account has been attacked by any malicious virus. This can allow them to steal your personal information and other data you have saved on your Facebook account. Hackers can also send any spam messages on your behalf by using your Facebook account. But there is no need to panic as there are several ways using which you can fix this issue. You can also contact at the Facebook Support Phone Number.

Given below are some of the ways in which you can resolve the issue of getting your Facebook account hacked or attacked by a virus:

  1. First, you need to click the triangle icon given next to your name and the home option in the right corner of the Facebook and select ‘Help’ from the options.
  2. Now, in the search bar, enter ‘Hacked’ and then select ‘my account was compromised, phished, or is sending messages that I did not send’.
  3. after this you have to click on the ‘Visit our Security Page’ link.
  4. Click on the ‘My account is hacked’ option which will provide you with the ‘secure it here’ link and click that link. Enter your password if asked for and then click ‘Continue’. This will lock your Facebook account till the time it gets secured again.
  5. Clicking ‘Continue’ in the secure your account window will let you enter a new password for your account. Reenter the new password to confirm for confirmation and then click ‘Continue’. You can also take the desired help by calling at the Facebook Support Number.
  6. Click ‘Change Password’ for your email address and it will open your email account. Change the password for this account as well as it is connected to your Facebook account.
  7. Now, go back to the Facebook window and then click ‘Continue’. Choose a security question and type the answer in the given box and click ‘’Submit’. This will verify the information entered and confirm if the information is correct and also check the box for ‘Turn on extra security features’.
  8. This will unlock your Facebook account and you can log in back to your secured Facebook account.
  9. Moreover, it is important to keep updating your Facebook account with the new password as well as update the security information. Installing a strong antivirus tool will also help you to keep your Facebook account secure from various viruses.

Our Facebook Customer Support team can also help in fixing all such issues with Facebook with the help of technical know-how they have gained over the years. Just contact us anytime and we ensure that all your Facebook issues will be resolved.